About Dr. Michael Lewis, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Lewis, Ph.D. is University Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Child Development at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Initially he started focusing on the normal course of children’s development which empowered him to articulate the sequence of developmental capacities of the child with regard to its intellectual growth and relate this to changes in the organization of its central nervous system functioning. On the basis of his studies and extensive researches he has developed computer-based techniques for enhancing intellectual ability in children suffering from autism and other related disorders associated with developmental delays. He has written and edited over 40 books based on the different phases of children with special needs. His latest publication The Rise of Consciousness and the Development of Emotional Life, which released in the year 2014, provides a new understanding of emotional development from infancy through childhood and beyond. His Handbook of Emotions (1993, 2000, and 2008) received Choice Magazine’s 1995 Outstanding Academic Book Award. Beside these awards, Dr. Lewis has been honored with various accolades and awards for his astounding contribution and participation for the children with special needs.

In 2012, Dr. Lewis collaborated with New Jersey technology company Rangam to develop an app called EarlyThree which evaluates a child’s developmental traits in order to weigh the risk of autism or similar disorders.

Published Literature