Rangam, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Lewis of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Autism Center, launches yet another wonderful app that can help parents and pediatricians detect signs of developmental delays such as autism in children as early as eight months.

The Challenge of Autism

The problem of autism in our society has become considerable. Various researches have suggested that 1 in 68 children in the US are dealing with this problem. Thus we need to assess children in terms of whether or not they’re showing signs of pervasive learning delays. It is a must to assess children at very early ages because the earlier we find the children have problems, the earlier we can intervene. The challenge we have is to assess or to screen children who are potentially involved in autistic syndrome difficulties. The problem we have in our society and in societies all over the world is that we simply don’t have enough physicians to screen the children. So children often go unscreened for long periods of time.

The Rangam Solution

To help manage the growing challenge of autism spectrum disorder and help autistic individuals reach their fullest learning potential, Rangam has collaborated with Dr. Lewis and designed EarlyThree app that helps screen children with learning disorders at early stage. With this app, parents can detect developmental delays in their child and share vital information with their pediatrician for further examination. The results of the app match comparably with pediatric autism screening methods, indicating a reliable degree of accuracy.

Screen for learning delays with EARLYThree